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Working boots: safety shoes with a metal toe cap, made of cowhide with a smooth texture.

CE Certificate Cat. II

Protection category:

Collective package: 10 pairs

Weight: 15 kg

Unit package: 1 pair

Size 36-48

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Safety shoe with metal toe cap to protect the user from injuries that may occur during operation. Steel toecap protects the user's fingers against impact with energy of 200J and before compression with force to 15 kN.

The upper is made of cowhide with a smooth texture, finished with a comfortable soft collar and tongue, increasing the comfort of use. Thickness of leather is 1,80mm.

Bottom part of sole protect from slipping.

On the both side of upper at the outside, on the inside of the upper near the heel and inside of tongue is red fabric that increase the attractiveness of shoe.

There are 6 strong holes for shoelaces.

PU sole made by direct injection.

On the outside of heel counter is area with part of sole which better stabilises the user's foot.

On the toe cap is area with part of sole which protect the user's fingers against impacts and better protect the shoes against damage. It also absorbs shocks.

High upper (12cm) - guarantees optimal fit and stability.

Insole: removable

Size 36-48

Footwear weight is averaged

Art.MaSter® - trademark.

Protection category: S1 SRC

CE Certificate Cat. II EN ISO 20345: 2011

- 1/10 bulk pack

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