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BTPuS1p Orange

Working boots: safety shoes with a steel toe cap and anti-puncture steel plate, made of pressed cowhide

CE Certificate Cat. II

Protection category:

Collective package: 10 pairs

Weight: 15kg

Unit package: 1 pair

Size 37-47

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42,35 zł
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52,09 zł

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Safety shoe with steel toe cap, which protects the user's fingers against impact with energy of 200J and before compression with force to 15kN. With ani-puncture steel plate protects against puncture with a force of up to 1100 N The upper is made of pressed cowhide Protection category: S3 SRC

  • the upper finished with a comfortable soft collar,

  • PU sole made by direct injection. Bottom part of sole protect from slipping-resistant to oil, gasoline, lubricants and other organic solvents,

  • energy absorber in the heel,

  • anti-slipping (SRC),

  • antistatic shoes

  • shoelaces.

Size 37-47.

Footwear weight is averaged

Art.MaSter® - trademark.

Protection category:

CE Certificate Cat. II EN ISO 20345: 2011- 1/10 bulk pack

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