1.1. Entity conducting sale in the online store available at is ART.MAS EXPORT-IMPORT Jacek Binczyk, Wojciech Binczyk Sp. K. based in Radom 26-600 ul.Żółkiewskiego 64, KRS 0000965465, NIP 948-21-79-432, ID 672019418, hereinafter referred to as ART.MAS.

1.2. The person making the order is called to as the "Client".

1.3. "Goods" is all range of that customer can purchase through the online store, by e-mail, fax, telephone or by ordering by making a purchase personally at the headquarters of ART.MAS.

1.4. In making an order the customer declares that it accepts the content of the regulations, which applies to any form of ordering, payment terms, pricing, courier, delivery, returns, warranties and complaints and maintenance rules.

1.5. By submitting an order the customer agrees to the processing of personal data contained in the order form in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data.

1.6. If the Customer an e-mail in the completed form, it agrees to receive commercial communications by electronic means.

1.7. The customer agrees to the recording and archiving of e-mail correspondence, whose objective is to increase the quality of customer service and care for the safety of transactions.


2.1. Forms Ordering:

2.1.1. Orders placed through the online store located at: Condition for accepting to the implementation of the order is properly completed online order form. A properly completed order form should include: your name, company name, VAT number, address (billing), telephone and / or mail, method of payment, and the notice of the courier delivery address, if different from the address on the invoice. Provide a phone number and email address of the Customer Service Department will allow rapid contact with the client, if there is a need for further investigation or change other details of the contract.

2.1.2. Orders can be placed by telephone in the CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 16.00 please call:

+48 48 365 05 60 ext *35

+48 48 365 05 60 ext *36

+48 48 365 05 60 ext *45

2.1.3. Orders placed by email (e-mail addresses of sales)

2.2. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year. Orders placed after 14:00 (web, fax, e-mail address) and orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be processed the following business day.

2.3. In the case of temporary absence of any product or of another problem that prevents execution of the order, CUSTOMER SERVICE contact with the client to determine further details of the implementation of the order. If contact with the customer is not possible within 48 hours of receipt of the order, such order shall be repealed.

2.4. The contract, which has been implemented (the goods have been sent) can not be canceled.

2.5. Goods carried on a later date than the current (pending implementation of the contract) will apply to such prices as at the date of the order.

2.6. Client can not cancel an order that has been realized (ie, the goods have been sent to the customer or the goods have been sent from the manufacturer to ART.MAS to implement individual customer order).

2.7. The customer has the opportunity to obtain a favorable discount depending on the activity of purchases and turnover. More information please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE.

2.8. Retail sale receipt to the amount of 200 $ falls within the retail mark-up or + 20% of the wholesale price.


3.1. Accepted forms of payment

3.2. The basic form of payment is cash on delivery of the goods.

3.2.1. If the form of payment is cash, the receipt or delivery of goods takes place immediately or within a period specified by the client, but not longer than 7 days from the date of order.

3.3. Cash on delivery of the goods, which is provided by the shipping company.

3.4. Prepayment based on proforma invoice received ART.MAS company's account:

       Warsaw BANK S.A :
       EN 52 10301061 00000000 03252000
       In the case of invoices issued in USD valid account number:
       EN 41 10301061 00000000 03252004.

3.4.1. For orders with payment method prepayment shall be issued pro-forma invoice, based on which customer makes a prepayment.

3.4.2. If the form of payment is a prepayment dispatch or receiving of goods after the receipt of the full amount on account ART.MAS. The amount of the payment shall be made to the price of goods and transport costs, for which the customer receives a VAT invoice.

3.4.3. Failure to pay within 7 days from the date of invoice pro-forma results in the cancellation of the contract and reservation of goods.

3.5. Transfer from deferred payment. ART.MAS may decide to grant this form of payment to the following conditions: at least 3 transactions within 1 month, the total value of transactions during the month should exceed 5 000 $. This form of payment is applicable in the case to maintain the same or higher level of activity of purchases in the future.

3.5.1. After granting a form of payment from the point 3.4, the first two payments must be paid within 7 days. Then the time of payment may be extended from 14 to 21 days depending on the turnover and purchasing activity. At the same time the value of unpaid invoices can not exceed granted trade limit.

3.6. Charges borne by the customer. This fee is calculated based on the weight and sizes of the ordered goods.

3.7. The maximum cash payment in the course of a single day may amount to the equivalent of EUR 15,000. If you exceed the daily turnover in excess of this amount (gross) are not permitted partial payment in cash and bank transfer (prepayment) to the bank account. All transactions on this day must be made in the form of the impact of measures on the bank account. This amount may vary depending on the current regulations in force in the Republic of Polish.


4.1. Ordered goods are delivered to the customer through one of the two shipping companies, which are DPD Poland or FEDEX.

4.1.1. Courier FEDEX and DPD are based on their own regulations. To familiarize themselves with the rules of shippers, please contact directly with these companies.

4.1.2. DPD Courier POLAND

       Up to 30 kg - 15,00 PLN
       Download cost: 2 PLN (the maximum value of the invoice: 12 000 PLN).
       Additional information is available at

4.1.3. Courier OPEK.

       Up to 30 kg - 13.00 PLN
       Up to 40 kg - 17,00 PLN

       Shipments truck:
       1 pallet up to 400 kg - 139 PLN

       The cost of collecting:
       PLN 1.00 (maxim value of the invoice: 1 000 PLN).
       PLN 3.00 (invoice value maxim: 5 000 PLN).
       PLN 5.50 (maxim value of the invoice: 9 000 PLN).
       Additional information is available at

Download 4.2.Dzienna amount per customer during the working day is:
       OPEK - PLN 10,000
       DPD Poland - PLN 12,000 (5,000 in one package)
Above these amounts the transaction is executed by making a prepayment in accordance point. 3.3.


5.1 The ordered goods are delivered to the customer after fulfilling one of the conditions contained in points. 3 of the Rules. With the delivery of customer receives a VAT invoice.

5.2. Orders received in time: 14:00, for which there are no obstacles in the implementation will be shipped the same day - if the method of payment is to pay cash on delivery or transfer of goods.

5.3. In the case of a contract made in accordance with paragraph. 2 REGULATIONS and implemented in the form of a prepayment point. 3.3. will be invoiced Pro Forma and sent to the customer. Goods will be sent immediately upon the receipt of full amount to the account of ART. MAS.

5.4. Goods will be delivered the next working day after dispatch. If this deadline will be extended, such a delay is not due to reasons attributable to the ART.MAS. In cases timely supplies consignments customer should contact your local shipping company (OPEK, DPD).

5.5.W case of non-delivery of the goods within the period specified in the order for reasons attributable to ART.MAS, Customer Service Customer agrees with the other, as quickly as possible, the date of delivery.

5.6. In the case of temporary absence of any product or of another problem that prevents execution of the contract, CUSTOMER SERVICE contact with the client to determine further details of the implementation of the order.

5.7. Orders placed after 14:00 pm will be treated as if received on the next day and shipment will be the next business day.

5.8. It is possible to receive the shipment by the shipping company on request, with which the company ART. MAS does not have a signed contract, if the Customer undertakes to pay the cost of the service.

5.9. In case of receipt of shipment by the shipping company, with which the company ART. MAS does not have a signed contract, payment for the goods ordered must be made in the form of a prepayment (3.3) in the full amount of the contract. Customer personally ordered the shipping company receiving shipments from ART.MAS

5.10. You can obioru personal goods from the warehouse company ART.MAS from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) from 8:00 until 16:00.

5.11. If you receive your need to have the goods by the person receiving the document confirming the purchase of goods: the original invoice or receipt from the cash register for retail sales.

5.12. In the case of a contract made in accordance with paragraph. 2 REGULATIONS and implemented in the form of cash, personal collection term is defined by the customer, taking into account points. 5.10 and 3.1.1.

5.13. Delivery cost ART.MAS is also possible with a single purchase of more than 3500 net invoice amount.

5.14. You can deliver the goods once a week ART.MAS transport at the expense ART.MAS orders in the amount of 1500 net companies located in the region of Silesia, Lublin and Warsaw (details available Our Customer Service)

5.15. It is possible to deliver the goods on Polish territory at the expense of individual procurement ART.MAS approx. 150 cartons of various range, regardless of the location of the client company.

5.16. The delivery time may change in special cases, eg. A sudden increase in the amount of transferred contracts or other circumstances preventing the rapid implementation of delivery.

5.17. There is a possibility of individual orders. In the case of such contracts customer is obliged to pay for the goods in the form set out in 3.3. Estimated delivery time agreed with the Customer Service Department can be changed. It does not entitle the customer to withdraw from the ordered goods.

5.18. ART.MAS not be liable for any loss arising from the execution of the contract later than the next business day.

5.19. Transport costs for ordered goods covered by the customer. This fee is calculated based on the weight and sizes of the ordered goods.

5.20. The weight of the goods given on our website is averaged. Can be precisely determined after the preparation of the consignment, so the price of transport may be subject to change.

5.21. In the case of additional transport costs related to eg. The failure to collect the goods due to the lack of cash in the case of cash on delivery, the absence of the recipient goods during delivery, courier etc. expectation. - Costs are paid by the customer. For ART.MAS costs incurred by the CUSTOMER will be issued a VAT invoice.

5.22. Ordered items should be received from the courier shipping company at the date of delivery, otherwise you will be charged the customer is charged PLN 4.00 per hour detention of goods in the warehouse shipping company.

5.23. Delivered goods should be received from the courier in an efficient, while not causing unwarranted waiting too long to receive the courier shipment by the recipient. The customer receiving the shipment for delivery should be prepared for immediate settlement to the courier upon delivery of the consignment. Otherwise, the customer will be charged the fee in the amount 4,00 zł for each commenced 10 minutes waiting to receive the courier charges.

5.24. In a situation where the Client can not receive a shipment at any time, should be well in advance to give a convenient day and the preferred time of delivery.

5.25. In the case, keeping the customer does not receive the goods shipped, which was confirmed order, transport costs will be charged for shipping and for returning the goods to ART.MAS.


6.1. In accordance with Art. 558 §1 K.C. powers under the warranty shall be excluded in the case of agreements between ART.MAS and entrepreneurs.

6.2. Return Policy.

6.2.1. In exceptional circumstances, the company ART.MAS may agree to return the purchased goods to 10 days from date of invoice. However, in this case, the amount to be repaid is reduced customer service costs in the amount of 5% of the invoice value.

6.2.2 refers goods can not bear any traces of use (delivered condition) must contain all the elements of which it was delivered (including original packaging, which can not be broken). The buyer bears the costs of returning the goods.

6.2.3. ART.MAS will not accept returns without prior findings and agreed with the Customer Service Department or Complaint.

6.2.4. After verification of the status of the returned goods and taking into account the refund will be issued memo. Refund after receiving the invoice signed by ART.MAS correction at customer's account. The cost of delivery to the customer is not returned.

6.2.5. Goods, who wears any signs of use and modification is not refundable.

6.2.6. Any modification and execution of decoration, printing on our goods is regarded as use of the product. The customer is obliged to check the goods before making the labeling or product is compliant with the order and the expectation of quality.

6.2.7. In the case of payment return ,the bank cost are covered by requester


7.1 The products offered by the company ART.MAS there is no warranty (art.577 KC), unless this is explicitly stated by the product.

7.2. Complaint is not subject to the goods:
       1. who has normal wear and tear,
       2. where mechanical damage occurred during its operation (tears, rips, tears, abrasions,   raising, to break fasteners, etc.),
       3. delivered to ART.MAS-u able dirty or wet,
       4. having defects resulting from improper maintenance,

7.3. Quality assurance includes protective footwear is granted for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

7.4. Quality Guarantee does not cover work boots in the second grade and not subject to the complaint.

7.5. Protective footwear complaint does not cover: damage due to natural wear and tear or misuse, torn shoes, rubbing and chafing seams, abrasions and scratches skins, were pulled out and the break fasteners, of dirt (stains and spots), damage caused by improper maintenance, damage caused by mechanical damage, damage caused by improper use, misuse, improper use conditions for a given type of footwear, damage resulting from a poor fit shoe to the foot.

7.6. Shoes not maintained by the user loses guarantee and is not subject to the complaint.

7.8. Complaints should be sent by e-mail or fax

7.9. After verifying compliance with the filing of the complaint information confirming the purchase of the complained goods with the sales document informs the Complaints Department of the complaining about how and when to return the goods. The faulty goods must be sent to ART.MAS at his own expense. COD will not be accepted.

7.10. The complaint will be dealt with within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods the complained to the company. In exceptional cases, the time taken to process a complaint, depending on the type of case can be extended to 30 days.

7.11. Advertised goods should be packed in the original packaging and / or wrapping and tidy condition to enable verification of the goods to the application (clean, dry and ventilated).

7.12. In case of manufacturing defect, lowering the value of the goods, the complaint is recognized as a result of a defective product which is listed on the full value at the expense of our company, and in the absence of the availability of credit note is issued.

7.13. In the case of a decision not to recognize the claim, the goods will be sent back upon the cost of the complaining party.

7.14. Product photos placed on Our Site may differ slightly in appearance and color of reality. The differences are likely to arise from other monitor settings. Color tone and saturation differences do not constitute grounds for complaint.

incompleteness SUPPLY

7.15. Goods shipped by courier company is sealed tape with print. Upon receipt of the parcel from the courier and his presence customer should check the goods for repacking (damage to the packaging of delivery) and convert the contents of the shipment. In case of damage or shortage in the goods shall be the courier upon receipt of goods Discrepancies Delivery Protocol drawn up and immediately notify the event ART.MAS.

7.16. In case of failure in drawing up such a protocol, or transcribe it later than the time of receipt of goods, complaints will not be considered.

7.17. For shortages of goods to be found without the presence of the courier company is not liable ART.MAS.

7.18. Incompleteness supply by courier, not indicative of a violation (no protocol non-compliance with the written courier supplies). This seal intact, the customer is required to report deficiencies ANY fax or email no later than the day following receipt of delivery.

7.19. In the case of a larger delay time claims will be honored.

7.20. In the case of the supply of transport companies ART.MAS Acknowledging receipt of goods recipient waives claims concerning the discrepancy between quantity and type.

7.21. When you receive the goods from the warehouse company ART.MAS recipient, or a representative of the shipping company receiving the goods on behalf of the Client is obliged to inspect the goods in terms of quantity and quality. Discrepancy arose after receipt of the goods by the customer or a representative of the shipping company acting on behalf of the customer, the company will not be liable ART.MAS.


8.1. Pollution clean with a damp cloth or sponge, dry and only then maintain. The product requires wet dry at room temp. (Away from the furnaces and heaters) during approx. 18 hours. For dried grain leather uppers, apply a small amount of preservative (kre) or wax, preferably in color top. Due to the natural leather finish for daily maintenance is not recommended pastes self-gloss (based on solvents that may damage the shell), which should be used occasionally. Before applying the next layer of paste should be polished or washed previous layer, the paste dries, the skin should be polished. Articles made of leather suede and nubuck should only be cleaned specially designed hard-wrung cloth or cloth moistened, and preservatives spray, designed for the right kind of outer skins. Each time you complete the footwear should be preserving process, which will ensure long-term use. Before resuming operation, check that the footwear is not damaged.


9.1. The personal data provided by the customer when shopping are processed exclusively for the purposes of the implementation of the order and for marketing purposes.

9.2. Art.Mas not share this information with third parties and does not use such information for any other purpose.

9.3. Every customer has the right to verify your personal information, as well as making changes.

9.4. The customer has the right to request removal of their personal data from a data set ART.MAS. Such a request should be submitted in writing.


10.1. Company ART. MAS reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time. Changing the Rules shall take place upon the appearance of the new content on the website

10.2. Each customer is obliged to read the Terms and Conditions and is bound by its provisions.

10.3. Sale of goods is carried out in full packs. If you buy the lot in incomplete packaging price is increased by 3% of the cost of repackaging so. Repacking. Discounted price includes a 3% discount for the purchase of a full range of packaging.

10.4. All information contained on the website in this price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

10.5. Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the sale of particular products.

10.6. This Regulation applies to both customers from Polish territory as well as from outside the area.

10.7. Any comments or complaints, please contact the address

Trademarks used in PROFESSIONAL clothing are trademarks of ART.MAS company legally protected on the basis of Regulation (EU) 2017/1001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 14, 2017 on the European Union trademark


Disclaimer number 018769148          Disclaimer number 018054465



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